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When it comes to grand openings, printing Grand Opening Banners and signs are by far, the best choices that you can possibly make in order to attract attention on the day you open. Let’s face it, a grand opening is one of those debut occasions where you need to make a grandiose impression to your community. You can’t just show up unannounced as a business.

If you take our three phased approach to making signs and banners for your grand opening, we at eSigns are confident your new opening venture will be a huge success and help sustain your business while growing your brand in the community.

eSigns Three Phased Approach to Announcing A Grand Opening

1.) Pre-Grand Opening Banners
These are vinyl banners that should be placed on your business prior to the actual opening date. They are large enough to be ready by motorists and pedestrians from 40 to 50 yards away, and are used to announce the date you plan to open. We also recommend their intended message should instill curiosity of planned offerings to future patrons as they pass by the location you are preparing. Just think how an assortment of different grand opening messages can be used on multiple banners that can be interchanged as your business gets closer to the future opening date?

2.) Grand Opening Day Banners
On the day your grand opening takes place, eSigns suggests that a business employ banners that have a welcoming yet explosive attention getting effect. Your pre-opening banners will have helped your target audience mark the date, and your grand opening day announcement banners should remind visitors of their intentions to stop in, and include some special incentives to further engage their interests.

3.) Banners
It's important to keep the hype of your grand opening going as long as you can, so even after the big opening business date has happened, using banners to thank the visitors that checked you out, and motivating those that have yet to visit your business is your next step to ensure a grand opening success.

Using Multiple Signs and Banners To Impact A Grand Opening

While using a single banner display at a time is sufficient for any pre-grand opening advertising strategy, eSigns highly recommends that on the day of the grand opening event, the use of multiple banners and signs should be highly considered in order to provide maximum impact on getting the attention of your community. Banners are highly effective signage for store-front windows and exterior awnings, but in order to maximize the visual stimulus signs can provide, eSigns suggests employing yard signs, sidewalk signs and even exterior banner stands with banners.

Yard signs strategically placed in stakes along the road side heading toward your business from both directions are an excellent way to subtly engage motorists. As a prelude to the large banners and sidewalk signs at your premises, Coroplast yard signs are a very affordable way to start engaging a target audience to ensure your entire message is engaged by your target audience.

Combining a frame sidewalk signs and even exterior banner stands just outside your building along the sidewalk provides that extra needed eye candy to further ensure that your banners are noticed and your grand opening message is received loud and clear.

Designing Signs for Grand Openings

Even if your business does not have a graphic design team to create the sign designs needed for making an effective grand opening campaign, eSigns has the solution already taken care of. Our expert sign template design team has prepared a variety of grand opening signage ideas and templates that anyone can easily customize using our sign design tools. Use any of our grand opening designs and apply any custom artwork needed to personalize our grand opening designs to the grand opening theme you have in mind. Add your business logo, use our existing message or word your message differently, apply unique styling and change font designs and color choices all from an easy to use online design interface. Once your design is ready, select the sign or banner you want to buy and select the size you want is to print your custom grand opening message on.

Make it big & Order Now!

Grand Openings are one of the bigger events where sign and banners are used. They wouldn’t include the word Grand if a new business opening was not to be emphasized and noticed among the community. Try to keep them very tasteful, but also very fun and attention-grabbing, which is another reason our templates provide an excellent starting point for making your signs and banners.

Ordering the signage you need for your grand opening is also extremely easy if you already have the artwork ready for panting. Simply choose the sign product you need and upload the artwork you would like us to print. We will immediately receive your order along with the artwork you provide to us and will print and ship your banner(s) and / or Sign(s) in the same day if received at a timely hour.

If you still need help deciding which type of Grand Opening banner will work best give our team a call at 1-800-494-5850 and we’ll be happy to provide additional advice.

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