Grommet Spacing & Accessories

Banner Header hems banners on all sides and automatically puts grommets on banners unless the customer requests that they be left off. Customarily, grommets are placed on all four sides of a banner, except in the case of smaller sized sides, such as 2 feet. On a 2' × 20' banner, for example, grommets would be placed in the corners of the 2-foot sides, and every 30" on the 20-foot sides. uses Stimpson one inch stainless steel grommets exclusively and they are spaced on banners according to the chart below. Also, positioning of grommets can always be viewed by opening a banner of the size you're working with in the online design tool. stocks all of the accessories our customers will need to hang their banners, including suction cup hooks, zip ties, bungee cords, carabiner hooks, pole brackets, hook-&-loop fasteners, and more on our Sign Accessories page at

Grommet Spacing Chart for Vinyl Banners


bannerLength bannerSpacing
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