Guide to Yard Sign Sizes

After making the decision to design and print yard signs, picking the right size is the next step. Custom yard signs come in a wide variety of sizes. You can go as small as 6” x 24” to as massive as 48” x 96”. What’s the most popular yard sign size and what works best? Check out this short guide to assist you in making the right decision.

Choosing a Size Based on Your Preferred Display Method

  • Sign stakes – The classic H-shaped sign stake. Available in standard H-wire and heavy duty wire versions. These are made of galvanized wire and can display sign panels up to 18” x 24” in size. For larger yard signs, you can use multiple sign stakes to add support.

  • yard-sign-stakes

  • Spider stakes – These are a more modern take on yard sign stakes. They're made of recycled, high density plastic. It has a slimmer silhouette and is smaller than standard H-stakes. Spider stakes can display signs with a maximum size of 18” x 24”.

  • spider-stakes

  • Sign frames – For bigger sizes and long-term use, we recommend using sign frames. The plastic frames can hold 18” x 24” signs while the metal frames have 18” x 30” and 24” x 36” variants. When installed properly, these sign frames will be able to withstand strong wind gusts and inclement weather conditions.

  • sign-frames

Choosing a Size Based on Your Intended Use

  • Real estate – The real estate industry uses yard signs the most. The most popular size is 18” x 24”. It’s large enough to be seen even from a distance. This is usually accompanied by a smaller rider, 6” x 24” or 9” x 24” in size.

  • real-estate-signs

  • Political signs – Yard signs are an effective way of communicating your political opinion, whether you’re rooting for a candidate in your local elections or showing support to your party. The most common size used is the standard 18” x 24”. If you plan on displaying multiple signs on your lawn, you can opt for a couple of 12” x 18” signs.

  • political-signs

  • Yard sales – You can use yard signs to advertise small home sales, such as a garage sale, freshly baked pies, or even homemade kombucha. The size of the sign will depend on the size of your lawn and how dense your neighborhood is. A small 12” x 18” yard sign is enough to attract attention. For a bigger impact, you can print a 24” x 36” sign and display it in front of door using Velcro or double-sided tape.
  • Outdoor and sports venues – If you’re using yard signs in wide open spaces such as a skate park or a mini golf course, you can go large for added visibility. Use 24” x 36” yard signs together with a metal frame for stability. This can last for years in the venue with minimal maintenance.

Order the Ideal Yard Sign From eSigns

One thing you can count on when in doubt about yard sign sizing: 18” x 24” is a safe bet for most general purpose signage needs. It’s the most popular yard sign size for a reason. It’s easy to store, visible even from a distance, and affordable. But if space permits, bigger can definitely be better. Just like placing an ad in a magazine, a full-page ad commands the most attention. However, with the right design elements, a smaller sign will still be effective.

Once you’ve decided on the yard sign size you need, you can proceed to creating your signage on eSigns. You can use our online design tool to create your artwork and personalize it with your contact information. We have thousands of free design templates for practically any industry. Print your custom yard signs with eSigns today.

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