Hang a Church Banner So It Really Does Its Job

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1.) There are many reasons to use church banners to engage your congregation and community.

2.) Consider the best types of signs for outdoor and indoor usage.

3.) Find out how to hang the best types of church banners.

VBS. Missions Week. New sermon series. Seasonal event. New meeting location or times. There are many great reasons to get a new banner for your church!

To bring your ideas to life, consider the best types of signage to order and then how to hang the new church banner to ensure proper display.

The Best Church Banner Options

You should start by evaluating where you want to hang new church banners. Outside your building? Inside the foyer? In the worship center?

This may sound a little old-school, but take a piece of paper, sketch a quick map of your location, and mark where you think new banners should be located. This will give you a good visual idea of where to place the new banners! Then, think about the types of banners to place in those locations:

Exterior Banners: Consider a banner printed on mesh vinyl to promote time-sensitive events outdoors such as VBS sign-ups, summer camp, the fall festival, or your church softball league. This is especially helpful to promote events to your local community while preserving the integrity of the banner in all weather conditions.

Interior Banners for Foyer: The foyer is a vital piece of real estate in your church building. Engage your members, congregation, and visitors with Vinyl Banners that clearly communicate important messages about your church.

Interior Banners for Worship Center: Whether your worship center is a large structure, an auditorium, or a high school gym, you can strategically place banners in your physical space to help attendees engage in the service. Consider Banner Stands that communicate timely messages about the current sermon series, or more evergreen information such as your church values.

Generally speaking, all banners should be aligned with your church’s goals and objectives to increase engagement, draw in the local community to special events, and ultimately impact the lives of attendees.

How to Hang Church Banners

We want to make sure your church banners really do the job announcing a program, engaging your congregation, or drawing in the local community.

If you have questions about how to order or would like to walk through the process of ordering the best signs and accessories for your needs, please contact us directly! Our amazing customer service team is available to help you over the phone at 800-494-5850 or via email at cs@esigns.com. Let’s get started today!

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