Run a Clean Campaign by Recycling Yard Signs

One of the biggest signs that election season is in full swing, aside from smiling politicians and campaign promises, are the hundreds of yard signs displayed in neighborhoods and communities. Campaign yard signs have almost become synonymous with politics over the past few years. But what happens once the dust has settled and the election is over?

Some homeowners may elect to leave the signs as-is and continue to display them, but a wide majority of people simply throw them away. Resist the urge! Corrugated plastic yard signs are recyclable but also offer a host of other ways of repurposing.


How to Reuse and Recycle Yard Signs

Get Assistance From Local Officials – Some counties, such as Montgomery County, PA , actually partner with both the local Democratic and Republican committees. Both parties recognize the need for cooperation so they work together to recycle plastic campaign signs and metal stands that were used in the previous election. Find out if your own town has a similar initiative. If they don’t, you can ask them to start one!

Reuse Signs for DIY Projects – Corrugated plastic signs are strong and lightweight, making them a good starting material for plenty of DIY projects. Here are a few you can consider making:

  • Use it as a bike basket liner – You can cut yard signs to the exact dimensions of your bike basket and use it as a nigh-indestructible basket liner.
  • Repaint and make a new sign – You can paint over a sign to create a proverbial blank canvas. These blank signs are perfect for DIY displays during small gatherings and celebrations at home.
  • Use it as a chalkboard – Similar to the above tip, you can repaint an old yard sign using chalkboard paint. Once it dries, you can use it as a toy or for retail displays.
  • Create a storage box – In this quick guide, you can create a sturdy storage box by repurposing an 18” x 24” yard sign, a box cutter, glue, and some elbow grease.
  • Use the stakes for gardening – Even the sign stakes can be repurposed! Use the stakes together with a small cutout of the yard sign to create easy-to-see labels for your garden crops and flowers.
  • Strengthen your bags – Small cutouts of the plastic sign panels can add strength and durability to otherwise flimsy bags. Keep one inside your bag for your next grocery trip.

Donate them – Do a quick Google search to check if anyone in your area is looking for used yard signs. Chances are you’ll find one. For example, Florida beekeeper Alma Johnson uses upcycled corrugated plastic signs to keep bees safe and warm. Tiny WPA, a nonprofit in Philadelphia, also takes in old campaign signs to be repurposed.

Give them back – Some candidates are more than happy to take back their signs. You can ask the campaign team if they plan on reusing the signs for the next election cycle or if they’re going to dispose of them. If it’s the latter, remind them that they have to do it responsibly.

These are but a few ideas to consider before throwing out those yard signs. When you put these in the trash, they’ll just end up in landfills and degrade at a glacial pace. If you need to print new signs, make sure to look for 100% recyclable corrugated polypropylene signage, such as those from eSigns.

It’s up to all of us to be proactive and take a firm stance with regard to the environment. Reuse, repurpose, and upcycle. Otherwise, print recyclable yard signs with eSigns today.

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