Mesh Banners vs. Wind Slits: Which is Best for You?

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Without taking the proper precautions, one gust of wind could quickly turn your banner into a giant sail. But, which option is right for you? First, let’s make sure we have our definitions straight.

One of the most fun ways to give your hallways a positive lasting impression is to decorate them with signs! Schools are built for learning and can often lack in the colorful, fun department. School hallway banners are a great way to turn your school’s interior from drab to awesome, and most importantly - memorable. We’ve compiled a few ideas to get your creativity rolling!

What Are Wind Slits?

Wind slits are semi-circular (or half-moon) cuts in a banner that create flaps. Theoretically, wind can then pass through the flaps to help decrease the chances of a big gust pulling the fence down. More on that later.

What is a Mesh Banner?

The other option for outdoor windy conditions is to have your banner printed on mesh vinyl. Instead of larger flaps, the material itself allows wind to pass through.

>Which is Best for You?

There are three main factors to consider in the decision to select wind slits or mesh banners. Let’s go through the pros and cons of each.

>Which is Best for You?

There are three main factors to consider in the decision to select wind slits or mesh banners. Let’s go through the pros and cons of each.

1.) Your sign has to look good, right? Do wind slits and mesh banners look different? Yes, they do.

2.) Mesh banners need to be printed with simple colors and fonts to look their best. More wind passes through, which means more light passes through. This makes the colors look more muted. This effect is magnified if the banner is backlit.

3.) Banners with wind slits will print normally, with brighter colors and sharper graphics. The main issue with their appearance is that the flaps are very obvious. As soon as the wind blows, there will be large holes in your design -- possibly interfering with your vinyl banner’s message. Additionally, some observers will assume that your banner is simply torn.


Between wind slits and mesh, this issue is an easy one.

Mesh banners allow more air to pass through, so it would take an excessive amount of wind to cause a problem such as blowing down the fence.

Wind slits remain a recognized solution within the banner printing industry to mitigate the sail effect on banners caused by the wind. However, eSigns has always maintained that mesh vinyl has been the better choice for constructing outdoor banners, so we decided to go to the expense of subjecting both mesh banners and windslit banners to comparative wind tunnel testing to finally put this debate to rest once and for all. The results of our testing confirmed that wind slits only weaken a banner’s wind resistance and mesh is, by far, the better and safer choice.

What’s the Verdict?

Mesh vinyl performs better in high-wind conditions and they are less likely to rip. The mesh banner also wins the safety test with its superior wind resistance.

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