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So you have vinyl banners and you want to do what you can in order to preserve them for as long as you can. But you aren’t entirely sure where to start. So you try a few times, but your banners always seem to start to deteriorate a lot quicker than you would expect. The thing about banners is that they are supposed to last years. So how exactly can you ensure that you get the full life of your banner?

Take Care of Your Vinyl Banners

The best way is to take care of your vinyl banners—it all starts with your good old friend water. You see, vinyl banners are waterproof. On one hand, this means that you can use pure, clean water to clean your banners. If you do not clean your banners of things such as mud, there is a chance that you might scratch them.

Next, do not use soap. Using soap, depending on its basity can actually cause the words to rub away or anything like that. They last thing that you want is to lose the custom features you paid for.

Storing Your Vinyl Banner

In order to store your banner, take your time to find a place that is warm, yet not particularly humid. While banners are waterproof, like all waterproof things, they have the bad habit of slowly degrading with prolonged exposure to water.

After washing your banners, keep them in a nice, dry place and make sure that they are adequately dried off as well.

How Else Can You Keep Your Banners in Their Best Condition?

Another way in which you can keep banners in their absolute best condition is by simply bringing them in when the weather permits. Banners last a lot longer inside as opposed to outside.

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