Restaurant Banners

Full color banners for advertising any restaurant

All restaurants, regardless of their cuisine, should employ vinyl restaurant banners to help brand their name and convey the style of dining they offer. Regardless of your area, restaurants have to advertise to compete with each other to attract the lunch crowd during day time hours and the dinner crowd at night. With a different advertisement for each, restaurants can easily create colorful banners to reflect their daily and nightly specials to help engage families and business people as they dine-out. Promoting your restaurant properly by creating the necessary hype to attract the locals can be the determining factor to how successful your restaurant becomes. Statistically most new restaurant openings will close their doors in the first year because of bad management and lack of promoting. With advertising costs for traditional media being at an all time high, creative thinking and designing low cost vinyl banners to invite new patrons is one of the more affordable promotional methods you can use and will help your restaurant ultimately get past that critical two year threshold most restaurant owners strive for.

Free Restaurant Banner Designs

Effective designs that promote daily specials, grand opening of your restaurant and advertising the cuisine you offer can help your restaurant attract new customers willing to dine with you. Each of our banner designs can easily be customized to fit your restaurants logo and theme and can even be designed to add full color photograph decor to the inside of your restaurant by applying your designs to our wall banners.

Exterior restaurant banners can be full color, eye catching displays promoting the type of cuisine you offer, and if designed properly will ad an attractive atmosphere to your establishment. Our Free restaurant banner themes can be fully customized to include colorful pictorial graphics, photos of the culture your restaurant depicts and include any promotional message and enticement you may wish to advertise. Your designs are printed on durable 13 oz Vinyl using our Ultra Violet resistant inks to ensure your restaurant vinyl banners do not fade when left outside for long periods of time. They can be very effective in getting the attention of motorists and foot traffic that pass by, and help you entice potential patrons to dine with you.

New restaurants can use Vinyl banners to announce their grand openings, provide daily or weekly specials, and attract families for when Mom does not want to cook, and help make the single crowd aware of a new great dining establishment to bring a date for some great food and romantic atmosphere.

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