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Which is the Better Banner- Glossy Banners or Matte Finished Banners?

Vinyl banners offer amazing value and effective marketing that can be used in so many ways. For most businesses and organizations it’s not a question of if they’ll use these banners, but rather what type of banner will work best!

There are two traditional vinyl banner finishing options that exist: glossy and matte finished banners.

Glossy is the most common type of banner, but it isn’t always the best pick in all sign scenarios.

As a general rule of thumb, many people have come to the consensus that matte finished vinyl is best for indoor use while glossy vinyl is best for outdoor banners. However, we have seen cases where this general indoor and outdoor rule does not necessarily apply and have prepared this handy banner finish comparison to better educate our potential customers. Before ordering your custom signs at eSigns.com, check out the overview below to decide whether your next banner’s finish should use glossy or matte vinyl.

Glossy Banner Uses

A glossy finish gives banners a beautifully bright coloring that stands out and pops if the light conditions are perfect. This vibrancy makes the banner readable from a long distance and helps it stand out instead of fading into the background making glossy banner finishing an excellent choice for large outdoor banners.

Many of today’s glossy banners, especially super sized custom signs, are used outdoors because they’re extremely durable and versatile. Hang them on a fence, across the side of a building, strung over an entry – glossy vinyl banners work virtually anywhere you have two anchor points. They’re also weather-resistant and won’t get gunked up easily, which is another reason they’re popular for outside signage.

Although glossy finished vinyl is typically more friendly to outdoor use, gloss banners can be used for indoor banner displays when glare from external light sources is not excessive. If glossy banners are used in areas where direct emitting light sources exist, the gloss of the banner’s finish can actually impede the artwork and drown out the intended message, so if you do intend to use a glossy banner indoors, make sure that the light sources inside the room do not negatively affect the banner you intend to use.

Matte Banner Uses

Matte banners can be used in just as many ways, but their finish is totally different. As the name suggest, a matte finished banner’s printing has a non glare flat finish with a slightly granular texture. The color saturation is just as good with our industrial printers, but they tend to be a little less vibrant and a whole lot less shiny.

The benefit is no glare with matte vinyl substrate banners. This makes them ideal for indoor use where lights can create hot spots that blot out a glossy sign. Matte banners are commonly seen at tradeshows and conventions for this very reason. They are also great for Step and Repeat Banners that serve as a photo op backdrop at media events, fashion shows and political rallies. The bright flashes won’t reflect off of banner's matte vinyl like they would on a glossy banner.

Get the Best of Both With Our Semi-Matte Premium Banners

There’s also one more option that works well for almost every situation. Our heavy duty premium vinyl banners have a semi-matte finish that’s ideal for double-sided printing without a see-through effect. When you need heavy-duty and extremely durable custom signs, our premium vinyl banners work every time.

If you still need help deciding which type of banner will work best give our team a call at 1-800-494-5850 and we’ll be happy to provide additional advice.

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