Tips Cleaning Vinyl Signage

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So you’ve just purchased your first batch of vinyl signs and you have absolutely no idea what you can possibly do in order to clean them. You want them to stay in the best shape that they can for the longest, but you also have to be willing to keep them in that state in order for them to stay in a good state for a long time.

Starting to Clean Your Vinyl Signs:

First of all, you need to understand that vinyl will scratch. This is a pretty normal occurrence, so how exactly would you avoid scratches and keep your vinyl signs in relatively good shape?

You need to be aware of things that CAN scratch your banner. Do you have mud or gravel on your banner? In this case, you need to make sure that it is carefully washed off. The purpose for this is that it keeps your banner from getting scratched. Gently wash off your vinyl banner with water. Don’t put it on full blast, just keep it on a low stream in order to gently wash off everything.

After you wash away any possible pebbles or gravel that might potentially scratch your vinyl banner, use a soft, old cloth in order to wipe away any residue from the mud or other dirt and grime. If needed, rinse again and again until you have removed all of the dirt.

Do not Use bleach or the like. There is a chance that it will either remove part of the ink or that it could even melt away at the plastic. Do not use ammonia either. Pretty much, avoid anything but plain water or an approved soap.

If you do use soap, make sure that it won’t damage your signs. Take your time to find vinyl signs soap that works great for you!

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