Large Yard Signs


Give Your Brand Greater Visibility With Large Yard Signs

Use large yard signs to create immediate impact. Displaying large yard signs will effectively help you communicate to a larger audience at an affordable cost. Whether you’re selling houses, supporting a local candidate, advertising a new menu, or announcing your latest project at a construction site, large yard signs can surely grab attention and expand your audience. eSigns offers a sizable range of yard signs you can pick from

  • 24x36

    - Largest size recommended for sign stake
    - Oversized with bigger message area
  • 24x24

    - Square design pulls attention
    - Large size for increased visibility
  • 18x24

    - Most popular yard sign size
    - Lightweight and easy to transport

  • 12x18

    - Combine many small signs for one large message
    - Use this size to complement larger signs
  • Custom

    - Made to your exact specifications
    - Durable 4 mm corrugated plastic

Benefits of Large Yard Signs

  • Increased visibility - As far as signage is concerned, bigger is better. Large yard signs command attention and immediately draw the viewer’s gaze. This ensures that everyone in the vicinity sees your ad, which may be challenging with smaller displays.

  • Play with scale - Larger displays offer you a larger canvas to work with. Your artwork and messaging is not constrained to fit a modest size. Instead, you get to have more flexibility with how you approach the design. You can incorporate visual puns and references that would otherwise fall flat on a smaller medium.

  • More affordable - Printing large yard signs might seem more expensive at first, but it’s a cost-effective investment. The cost of multiple small signs will be larger down the line than one big sign that you will use for years.

  • More professional look - When customers see your large yard signs, they will be impressed with you and your brand’s confidence. Large signage exudes trust and communicates that your business is legitimate, booming, and here to stay.

Large Yard Signs Design Templates Section

eSigns offers hundreds of free design templates you can use for your large yard signs. Our templates are high resolution and print ready, ensuring that your signage comes out sharp and crisp. All you need to do is to use our online design tool to personalize the yard signs. Add you company logo, slogan, promotional message, or anything else. Below are some of our most popular design categories. Choose one and customize away!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a sign can I put in my yard?
It depends on your local and state zoning laws as well as the regulations of your homeowner’s association. While you have the freedom to display practically any sign inside your property, there are limits. According to City of Ladue, 512 U.S. 43, 48 (1994), “Unlike oral speech, signs take up space and may obstruct views, distract motorists, displace alternative uses for land, and pose other problems that legitimately call for regulation. It is common ground that governments may regulate the physical characteristics of signs—just as they can, within reasonable bounds and absent censorial purpose, regulate audible expression in its capacity as noise.” Before putting up a large yard sign, make sure to check with your local government or HOA.

Do I need permission to put up large yard signs?
If it’s not your property, you will need permission to put up large yard signs. For public property such as parks, you can secure permission from your town’s local government, or the homeowners' association if you live in a gated community.

Are yard signs durable?
Yes, they are. Our custom yard signs are made of high quality 4 mm corrugated plastic. This material is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. It is professionally printed using UV-cured ink, which minimizes fading from UV exposure. With the right care and maintenance, our yard signs can last up to two years.