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Planning for tradeshow season can be a tall order. There are a lot of factors to consider -- from the proper message, to the number of signs you’ll need, to the goodies at your table that will help draw people in.

The last thing you need dragging you down is the dreaded lack of a creative breakthrough for a banner design.

Don’t fret, we are here to help! Not only have we made the ordering process stress-free with an incredible team of Customer Service representatives, but we’ve also backed it up with our Goof Proof Guarantee, which means it is okay to make mistakes.

However, we don’t think you will really need assistance after you see the tradeshow banner design ideas we’ve come up with for you. And, the most amazing part is they all started from stock designs!

Quality Design From Stock, Oh My!

Stock image websites are far more sophisticated than they used to be. Not only can you find incredible imagery for your tradeshow signs, but you can also even find templates for the exact product you need. Add your logo, colors, and text and you are good to go!

  • Need a retractable banner? Boom. Stock template.
  • Backdrop banner? Oh, hey! Stock template.

It’s as easy as click, download, and change out the text and colors. Though you will need Adobe Illustrator to manipulate these templates, all you will need to do is select the template you want to use, open it up in Illustrator, and then click the text you want to change.

Once designed, ordering is simple! Head over to and upload your file on our website. Just remember that prior to uploading, please flatten your artwork and convert your text to outlines if possible.

After your upload is complete, our eSigns team will take a look and let you know if any changes need to be made.

Here are some examples we’ve created to show you how easy it is to make amazing banners from stock images. Happy designing!

3 Sweet Templates from Adobe Stock

Order Retractable Banners to showcase your services.

Starting Template:

After a Few Design Changes:

Use a Backdrop behind your table.

Starting Template:


Include your table in your marketing.

Starting Template:


The World is Your Oyster for Creating New Tradeshow Banners!

It turns out that you do not need to have a master creative breakthrough each time you are charged with designing banners for tradeshows. All it takes are quality stock templates and a few color swaps, then presto, change, you’ve got yourself some banners!

Now all that’s left is that never ending debate about which goodies to put on your tradeshow table -- pens or chocolates? We’ll let your team battle that one out. May the odds be ever in your favor!

For questions related to designing your tradeshow signs and banners, feel free to click our chat support. We look forward to hearing from you!

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