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When using vinyl banners to celebrate an event or promote a message, one does't really think about all of the technical planning and components that go into constructing a quality banner. However, knowing the difference to make sure one is not buying a cheap banners is very important and will make a big difference in how well a banner holds up after being installed.

The eSigns Difference

We take making quality banners for our customers so seriously, we decided to wind tunnel test a variety of vinyl banner materials and finishing options to ensure the vinyls and finishing features we provide are built with care and include the necessary elements to ensure optimum safety and presentation.

We discovered that heat welding our hems and placing grommets every 19 inches for our smaller sized vinyl banners and every 36 inches for our larger formatted banners was the best configuration in order to better reinforce a banner for the fasteners used during installation.

We were surprised to find that adding stitching to our welded hems actually weakens a banner opposed to making a banner stronger. Although the reinforced sewn banner took longer to completely break away, the stitching began ripping through the banner very quickly.

By putting vinyl banners to the ultimate test, we are now better able to educate our readers to know the difference between a quality constructed banner and a cheap banner.

Our findings have helped us to make sure the finishing efforts and quality control we put into the construction of all the banners eSigns sells are backed up by factual evidence and not theories.

Cutting Corners Or Not Knowing What Is Best

Many printers construct banners on price point alone in order to maximize profits, and do not take quality and durability into consideration, while other printers may have good intentions in the construction of their banners, they do so by only presuming what is best opposed to actually testing the materials and finishing options they apply.

As an example, many print shops will sell banners without providing a reinforced hem around the edges unless the customer pays extra and knows to ask for this additional feature. Unfortunately, a hem-less banner is subject to tearing much easier than a hemmed banner regardless of whether grommets are included or not.

Grommets are round metal eyelet reinforcements that are riveted into the holes in a banner to help protect a banner from ripping. Grommetless Vinyl Banners are far more prone to easily tearing, but many printers will not include grommets with their banners due to the extra cost involved.

Providing hems with good intentions but only adding corner grommets is another configuration will will see in the banner industry. By only supplying corner grommets, a banner's installation is much weaker and too much stress is concentrated in the corners causing wrinkles from each corner to impede the banner's message.

Although no banner is 100% foolproof, eSigns has actually tested proper banner finishing and installation methods, so our customers know an eSigns banner is built to last and provide piece of mind at your next celebration or venue.

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