How to Hang Banners

Vinyl banner

Vinyl banners are one of the most widely used type of signage and with good reason. They are dependable and affordable. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors, sunny or raining, day or night. You can find them in churches, schools, political events, and even in your home. This goes to show how versatile vinyl banners are.

But how do you hang vinyl banners in the first place? There are numerous methods to display banners and we’ll go through them in this article.

How to Hang a Banner With Grommets

Our vinyl banners come with nickel grommets as standard. Grommets are metal rings located on each corner of the banner to help you display your signs with ease. Here are some popular ways to hang banners with the use of grommets:

  • Bungee Cords and Ropes is the classic way of displaying banners. It’s easy and fuss-free to install in seconds. The elasticity of bungee cords minimizes potential damage to the banner, such as during strong winds. The bungee cords flex and stretch as the banner moves, distributing the weight evenly and reducing stress on the grommets.
  • Zip Ties provide a clean, streamlined look to your banner display. These are usually used outdoors on chain-link fences. Once you’ve decided where you want to display the banner, thread the zip tie through the fence and grommets, create a loop, and tighten. If the zip ties are taut, you can cut off the excess plastic with a pair of scissors or a knife.
  • Suction Cup Hooks are usually used for indoor window displays. They install in seconds and do not leave any residue when removed. Each suction cup can support up to three points of weight, giving you plenty of strength to display vinyl banners.
  • Grid Hangers and Banner Hooks let you display vinyl banners almost anywhere. Just attach the hooks to the grommets and place them on your desired anchor point, such as fences or poles.

  • How to Hang a Banner Without Grommets

    Upon special request, we also provide vinyl banners without grommets. This gives your sign a cleaner, streamlined look. These are still a cinch to hang. Here are a couple of ways to do it:

  • Pole Brackets are the best way to display grommet-less vinyl banners. Your signs come with pole pockets on top and on the bottom. Fiberglass banner arms go through the pole pockets and will be suspended on both ends.
  • If the display surface is metal, magnets are the perfect tool to hang custom banners. They are cheap, reusable, and don’t leave any residue. Make sure to use magnets strong enough to hold the weight of the vinyl banners.
  • Adhesive tapes can also be used to hang vinyl banners. Only use tape on concrete, brick, or other surfaces with no risk of paint damage. Flip the banner over and line the edges of the sign with double sided tape. Starting from one corner, carefully stick it on your desired surface. Apply even pressure to make sure that the tape sticks to the surface. Slowly do this across the whole banner to ensure it comes out straight and tight. We recommend only using tape for smaller banners.