A Style Guide to Yard Signage

36x36 Yard Sign

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to market a business, sell a home, express political support, or show team spirit is with Yard Signs. They’re super simple and straightforward – except when it comes to size. There are so many available sizes that it’s easy to get lost in all of the options. If you’ve never bought yard signs before or are unsure which yard sign size will work best this guide was made for you.

Custom and Standard Yard Sign Sizes

Yard sign sizes are virtually limitless with today’s printing technology. The sturdy corrugated plastic that’s used to create yard signs can be cut to size and are easy to print on no matter what size you choose. Standard yard sign sizes include:

Need a custom size? At eSigns.com we have sign sizes for the yard that range from 6”x24” to 36”x24”.

Yard Sign Size and Price

The yard sign size is going to have an impact on the price. Generally, the bigger the yard sign the more expensive it will be. The one caveat is quantity. If you need to make a bulk purchase you may be able to get a larger size sign for less than they cost individually.

Yard Sign Size and Location

Where you plan to put the yard sign will definitely influence the size of the sign. The #1 concern is making sure the sign can be seen and easily read from a distance. How far away do you want people to be able to read the sign? Is the sign going to be blocking anything? Fortunately, yard signs are lightweight and easy to move around. They can even be hung if you don’t have yard space to stick them in the ground. Aside from design, the location of the yard sign is the most important consideration when choosing a yard sign size.

Yard Sign Size and Design

What kind of design did you have in mind? With the eSigns.com Online Design Tool just about anything is possible, but not all designs will read well on all yard sign sizes. In general, the simpler your design is the smaller you can go with the sign size.

Political yard signs are a great frame of reference because the designs are usually dynamic without having too many elements. They are commonly 24”x18” which accommodates a slogan, the politician’s name, and the year.

Yard Sign Size and the Number of Sides

One key benefit of yard signs is that they can be one or two-sided. The option you choose can affect the size of the sign you need since two sides essentially double your space.

Yard Sign Size and Shape

With a yard sign, you aren’t confined to a rectangle. The options include squares, circles, and even footballs and megaphones. However, a specialty shape will limit the sizes that are available and aren’t always compatible with intricate designs. When the size is the most important feature rectangular yard signs may be your only option. Keep in mind that corrugated plastic can be cut into virtually any shape. For instance, you could order a rectangular sign with an arrow design then cut around the arrow for a custom shape.

Want to know more? If you have additional questions about yard sign sizes give us a call at 1-800-494-5850 to chat with a yard sign expert or contact our customer service anytime here.

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