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Suction cups with protruding hooks can be used to install banners onto slick non permeable surfaces such as glass, ceramic tile, and metal. Suction cups are bell shaped flexible airtight devices that, when plunged into a non porous surface, will push all of the air out causing a vacuum inside the cup creating an air-pressure differential between the air pressure inside the cup opposed to the air pressure outside the cup. The difference in air pressure is what causes the suction properties to adhere to the surface.

We recommend using suction cups to hang banners for indoor applications only due to the fact that any disturbance can cause the air to flow back into the cup causing the suction to fail.

Hanging banners on the inside of storefront windows is actually one of the more popular applications where suction cups are very effective. Suction cups adhere to glass very well, the protruding hooks easily fit into a banner's grommet holes, and when you want the banner removed from the window, suction cups are easily removed without leaving any residue.

For installing banners onto a window using suction cups, we also recommend our non curling window banners. The non curl properties of the vinyl we use for our window banners will hang straighter from the suction cup's hooks than a traditional 13 ounce banner.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this recommendation for assistance only and makes no claims, express or implied, as to the safety of this fastener or the recommendation by which to use this fastener for hanging banners.

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