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The proper fasteners to use when installing a vinyl banner depend on a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. A hanging banner may be secured from poles or a rafter and will require a different installation method than a banner secured to a fence or a wall. Suspending a banner overhead may require the use of parallel guide wires or ropes that a banner will be attached to, thereby requiring a combination of fastening devices to be used. In some instances, a banner may need to be placed along a hard slick surface and require a method of sticking a banner to the surface as opposed to tying a banner down. If displaying a banner in harsh outdoor environments, excess wind and rain must be considered and factored into the a banner's installation to ensure a banner is properly secured and safe.

Although, we know this guide does not cover every aspect of installing vinyl banners, the following fastener and use case recommendations should assist in providing some great installation techniques and ideas.

1.) Flexible Bungee Cords for Fastening Banners

Bungees used to fasten banners are effective in keeping a constant tension on your banner while installed. The rubber band like tightening effect helps to eliminate any slack while suspending a banner.

2.) Using Ropes In Banner Installations

From using a different rope to tie off each grommet hole, to installing guide ropes across a venue in order to suspend banners overhead, this guide will help provide insight and important information on using rope for hanging banners.

3.) Fastening Banners Using Zip Ties

Using zip ties, especially the thicker 175 pound zip ties when applicable are, by far, the preferred method for securing banners during installation whenever possible. 175 pound zip ties are perfect for installing banners to a chain link fence, a pedestrian traffic barricade, or to one of our professional banner frames.

4.) Attaching Banners Using Suction Cups

Suction cups with protruding hooks can be used to install banners onto slick non permeable surfaces such as glass, ceramic tile, and metal, and are ideal for temporary retail storefront window banner displays.

5.) Taping Banners Using Hook & Loop Fasteners

Hook and Loop Banner Fasteners are great for Indoor displays where suction devices will not work, there are no methods of tying a banner down, and drilling or causing holes in a surface are out of the question.

6.) Attaching Banners With Screws

Applying banners by drilling screws into a wall or other penetrable surface is an excellent way to install banners. However, this causes drill holes and should only be an installation option when each hole can be repaired or one just does not care about the screw holes that will be left behind once the banner is removed.

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