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Creased banners can hinder the printed message and obstruct the display. In most instances creasing a banner happens during the installation, so we wanted to publish a few pointers on how to avoid creasing banners during an install.

Banners smaller than 8 feet are pre-rolled prior to shipping, and banners over 8 feet square are properly folded. If possible, we recommend keeping your banner in its original shipped condition prior to installing. This includes the transport by you to your banner's installation destination. By keeping your banners in their original shipped condition until the time you plan on installing your banners, you are less likely to cause any creases.

Once your banner arrives to its intended location for installing, we recommend keeping your banner(s) in their same shipped status while you prep your area for the install. After your installation location is prepped for hanging your banner(s), find a floor area as close to the intended installation location as possible and carefully unroll or unfold each banner.

For a two or more person installation, both individuals should lift both sides of your banner simultaneously keeping the banner taut between the two people. At this phase, the person on the left will spin the banner clockwise 90 degrees, while the adjacent individual on the right will spin their side of the banner counter clockwise 90 degrees. This coordinated effort to vertically align the banner should prevent any creasing while aligning the banner in its proper position for hanging.

In a single person installation, we recommend carefully rolling up your banner to better manage the install. After rolling your banner, lift it from each of the rolled edges and position your banner vertically to fasten only the exposed top corner.

When the top corner is fastened, use both hands twirling your fingers and thumbs simultaneously to slowly unroll the banner to the next grommet hole and again fasten only the top grommet. Repeat this step until you have reached the adjacent top corner.

After the top edge of your banner is fastened, the banner will drape from the top allowing a single individual to loosely secure the bottom grommets. When the top and bottom grommets are fastened, begin to tighten each fastener with the correct and equal amount of tension to ensure your banner is taut and secured.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this suggestion for basic guidance only and makes no claims express or implied as to the benefits this advice offers.

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