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The installation process of hanging banners is not difficult in most cases, but there some common bad practices that we wanted to point out on what not to do in order to ensure the end result of installing banners is performed in a manner that incorporates good safety practices and methods to ensure your banner's visual appeal is not hindered.

Although, we know this guide cannot cover every aspect of what to avoid, the following recommendations should assist in providing some of the more popular preventative measures that should be taken when installing vinyl banners.

1.) Avoid Not Using All Grommets To Hang Banners

Grommetted holes are included to ensure a banner can be safely and tautly installed. By not using all the grommet locations to secure a banner, the installation is more subject to failure and can include excess slack affecting it's visual appeal.

2.) Avoid Loosely Hanging A Banner

A banner that is not tightly secured is subject to potential flapping, which is one of the more detrimental forces that can lead to a banner eventually failing.

3.) Never Unevenly or Over Tighten A Banner

A banner that is over tightened or unevenly torqued can cause the vinyl to stretch and eventually deform or tear leading to a poor visual appeal or eventual failure.

4.) Surfaces To Avoid When Installing Banners

Installing a banner over an area that can be subject to unfavorable conditions such as direct heat, excess moisture, or sharp protrusions can negatively affect the visual presentation of your message.

5.) Avoid Creasing Your Banner During Installation

When installing a banner it is important to keep your banner from excessively wrinkling in order to prevent the banner from causing creases in your printed message.

6.) Avoid Attaching A Banner To Unstable Objects

Be sure to not attach the fasteners used to secure your banners to objects that can sway back and forth in the wind or be unstable under stress.

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