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While testing banners in our wind tunnel, we found that a loosely secured vinyl banner is one of the more damaging factors that can lead to catastrophic failure. With loose tension, even the slightest of winds will allow a banner to easily flap causing a whipping effect. Each flapping action causes a back and forth whip in the substrate leading to constant stretching. With each stretch the banner exponentially becomes loose, causing even more flapping, to the point where the banner completely failing is inevitable.

The importance of using all grommets in a banner's installation will help prevent the flapping effect caused by wind to occur. However, if the installation does not take into consideration the proper distance between each grommet while securing a banner, sagging between the grommets can occur similar to the draping of a bunting banner.

The sag in the banner between each grommet can cause enough flapping between the grommets to begin stretching the vinyl edge leading to eventual tearing. In order to prevent sags between grommet spaces, it is wise to begin securing a banner from one of the top corners and then securing each consecutive grommet, one by one, until the adjacent corner is secured. This will ensure the tension between each grommet is sufficient enough to prevent a banner from draping between grommet holes.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this suggestion for basic guidance only and makes no claims express or implied as to the benefits this advice offers.

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