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When installing banners regardless of the fastening method used, keeping the tension torqued as even as possible when securing each grommet hole is a very important factor in a banner's presentation and secure installation.

We are not suggesting that exact torque measurements need to be gauged to ensure the tension on all fasteners are identical, but by eyeing the edge of the banner between each grommet hole is level and does not drape or spike will improve the visual presentation of your banner's message and its longevity.

As each grommet hole is consecutively used to secure the installation of a vinyl banner, the installer will apply tension to each fastener. Keeping in mind the tension or tautness that is applied to each fastener is equal can be measured by visually assessing the banner's edge between the newly secured grommet and the previously secured grommet is straight and level. If there is no sag or spike in the edge of the banner between the secured grommets, that is a clear sign that the tension between the two are close in tautness and ideal for presentation and durability.

If after two or more grommets are secured and the banner appears to have any sagging edges between the grommet holes, readjusting the fastener by applying additional tightening will correct this sagging. If after 3 or more grommets are secured, a spike in the middle is visible, this means that a fastener is too tight and needs correcting by releasing the tension of the over-taut fastener causing the unnecessary stretching to be released.

To ensure your banner is presented well and is not too tight or under taut, we recommend providing some give to the fasteners initially then going back to make a light final tightening to each fastener after the initial banner installation has been hung.

While making any final tightening adjustments to the fasteners, it is important not to over tighten. Extra tightly installed banners can cause too much tension leading to stressing the vinyl substrate to the point where the banner can warp or tear and impair its visual appearance.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this suggestion for basic guidance only and makes no claims express or implied as to the benefits this advice offers.

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