Avoid Hanging Banners to Unstable Objects

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When hanging or attaching banners for display, it is important to make sure that the object(s) a banner is installed on or hung from is strong and sturdy enough to properly support the installation.

For secure indoor banner installations, it is primarily the weight of the banner that needs to be considered, but for hanging outdoor banners securely, the weight and force caused by wind must also factored in.

We recommend only hanging indoor banners on to walls, rafters, ceilings and to properly constructed banner frames made for indoor displays. Attaching banners indoors to flimsy objects will cause your display to be unstable and potentially result in your banner and the unstable object it is attached from to fall.

During outdoor banner installations, hanging from exterior buildings and walls, stringing from strong telephone or light poles, and attaching to sturdy fences are some of the more recommended objects to use.

Always try to avoid securing a banner from objects that could easily sway in the wind such as weak poles and tree branches. If a banner is installed onto an object that will sway back and forth, the additional tension caused by the banner catching variable winds can make the swaying worse eventually leading to a banner tearing and the install failing.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this suggestion for basic guidance only and makes no claims express or implied as to the benefits this advice offers.

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