Caring for Your Vinyl Banners from!

January 6, 2016 | Posted in Care and Installation, Sign and Banner Tips, Special | By

Our full-color printed banners are easy to care for. Vinyl Banners are great at what they do, but people will judge you on them. If they’re obviously torn, wrinkled, or dirty, it reflects on your business just as if the potential customer were in your store.

That said, you want to make sure that your banner properly represents you and your business.

When your banners aren’t in use, they should be rolled up with the graphics on the inside, and stored (preferrably in the box it came in) standing up on its end. Laying it flat could cause it to crease over time. Make sure to avoid storing your vinyl banner in a humid or hot environment.

The cleanliness of your vinyl banner is another factor under your control that is easy to handle. Usually, vinyl banners can be cleaned with a damp cloth, water, and nothing else. If this doesn’t do the work, use a mild soap/detergent with the damp cloth and then rinse and dry.¬†Never use any abrasives, harsh cleansers, or solvents on your banner as it may affect the print quality. When done, make sure the banner is thoroughly dry before storing it.

With proper storage, wrinkles shouldn’t be a problem for your vinyl banner, but if wrinkles appear, the easiest way is to hang your banner, taut, out in the sun. The heat from the sun will soften the vinyl sign, making it more pliable which the banner’s own weight will then smooth things right out. This method of removing wrinkles also keeps your banner doing its job for you with no downtime.

If you keep these things in mind, you’re sure to always have a great looking banner!