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Bungee cords are nylon encased elasticized rubber roping with metal hooks on each end used for securing objects while in transit. The rubber band stretching effect helps provide a constant tension to be applied in order to better hold securely whatever is meant to be tied down.

Bungees used to fasten banners are effective in keeping a constant tension on your banner. The rubber band like tightening effect helps to eliminate any slack while suspending a banner. However, if your bungees are too short and one over stretches the bungee cords to secure your banner, the increased pulling can have a negative effect on your installation subjecting your banner to stretching the vinyl and even unnecessarily tearing from the grommet holes. Another benefit to keeping a constant tension on your banner to prevent slack will ensure your banner's graphical message is more presentable.

Many reports on the Internet state that bungee cords play a major role in helping to preserve the integrity of a banner when exposed to outdoor winds, because their flexibility allows excess wind to spill from the banner. It was previously thought that the bungee cords would flex before a banner begins to tear, but our wind tunnel bungee test proved this to not be the case. We noticed the flexibility of the bungee cords provided very little resistance to a banner's single point of failure.

When using bungees to secure your banner, it is important to be sure to use all the grommet hole spaces provided. Using all grommet spaces will give your banner the necessary support to strengthen your banner's installation and provide the tautness to make sure your printed message is unobstructed.

Bungees make an excellent addition to fastening a banner that is to be suspended over a venue. For suspending a banner, first hang two ropes or two guide-wires in a vertical parallel fashion across your display area. Separate the guide-wires apart enough to be able to secure your banner in between the ropes or guide-wire with approximately a six inch space between the ropes and the banner. Once the ropes or wires are in place, apply the bungee cords to all upper and lower grommets and then to the wires or ropes to ensure your banner is securely suspended between the two.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this recommendation for assistance only and makes no claims, express or implied, as to the safety of this fastener or the recommendation by which to use this fastener for hanging banners.

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