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Hook-and-loop fasteners for installing banners work by pressing together a square material pad made of tiny hooks into an identically sized square plush looped fabric pad causing the woven tiny hooks to latch on to the loops of the plush fabric.

Each of these two materials contain a traditional adhesive tape surface on their corresponding sides in order to adhere the square looped woven fabric pad onto your banner, and the hooked pad onto the surface where your banner will be installed. Once both pads are applied to your banner and the surface where your banner is to be installed, simply by pressing the two pads together, your banner will easily stick onto the intended surface.

We recommend using our Hook and Loop Banner Fasteners for indoor displays only, because the adhesive tape side of these fasteners can possibly fail due to potential moisture and condensation that can occur outdoors.

You will notice that your Hooked pad and the Looped fabric are already pressed together when you receive your kit in order to make your install easier. To begin applying your hook and loop fasteners to your banner, we suggest removing the adhesive lining on the plush fabric pad first and sticking the plush padded squares onto your banner first.

Using the grommet spaces in your banner as your guide, simply remove the protected lining from the fabric pad's adhesive side and apply the square pad where each of the grommet holes of your banner reside.

Once your hook and loop fasteners are applied to your banner, all you will need to do to finish your install is to measure a level spot onto your surface for reference and line your banner up for hanging.

As you begin hanging your banner to the surface, start with one of your top corners, remove the adhesive lining of your hooked pad already attached to your banner, and press your banner onto the surface.

Keeping your banner level and working your way to the corresponding corner, remove the adhesive lining to each and press your banner to the wall. By working from one top corner to the other, you will be able to make sure your banner is level and taut for each grommet location.

When all hook and loop fasteners are applied to the top of your banner, repeat this step for the bottom edge and then your side edges if applicable.

After your banner is applied using hook and loop fasteners, it will be easy to remove and reapply over and over again due to the fact that the plush pad attached to your banners can rip loose from the hooked pads attached to your wall.

It is also important to note, you can you can easily swap different promotional banners of the same size in the same location. Simply apply the plush looped pad on your other banners and use the same hooked pad applied to your surface for changing out different banners in order to present multiple messages and or promotions to the same surface on multiple occasions.

Always be sure to check with local ordinances and safety requirements when installing your banners to be sure you are in compliance with local statutes and safety standards. eSigns has placed this recommendation for assistance only and makes no claims, express or implied, as to the safety of this fastener or the recommendation by which to use this fastener for hanging banners.

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